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128 GB iPhone 12 Pro. ecoATM: Up to $340; The Whiz Cells: Up to $585; 128 GB Galaxy S21 Plus 5G. ecoATM: Up to $140; The Whiz Cells: Up to $445; 128 GB Google Pixel 5. ecoATM: Around $130; The Whiz Cells: Up to $330; What Are the Benefits of Working with The Whiz Cells?. When you run the numbers, it's clear that ecoATM, while convenient, fun, and helpful to the recycling cause, simply doesn't compare to online programs. Compare the iPhone 7, Verizon, 128GB in near-mint condition. Here's what ecoATM is willing to buy this iPhone for:. The iPhone 11 goes above and beyond while maintaining the features you love about iPhones. Choose from black, white, red, yellow, green and purple with 64, 128 or 256 GB storage capacities The sleek, slim body fits nicely in your hand.
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